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Information from John: To all Parents

Update 9/7/2020

We will not have a fall season  due to not having enough coaches.  We will start our season when the Governor allows us to gather again. When we are not sure but we will keep you posted with update on home page. We need have parent step up and help coach and volunteer to help.  WE NEED YOUR HELP. 

For the parent that sign up for our passed spring season we will be sending a certificate for one free season. When we can gather again you will have one year to use the certificate for one season.  But all parent must e mail us with there child name and age to receive a certificate after we check our roster.








 Up date Aug. 26, 2020


We have a parent meeting Video on this site Sept. 7 that will explain the special season we are forced to do. We all first looking at safety for our kids and coaches.  As you know we must follow the CDC guidelines for safety of our kids and coaches Which will make this season at different season that we are hoping to only do once.  WE CAN NOT RUN THIS SPECIAL SEASON IF WE DO NOT GET ENOUGH VOLUNTEER COACHES DUE TO THE FACT WE HAVE SMALL TEAMS AND LOTS OF THEM. SO IF YOU LIKE TO HELP AND COACH YOUR CHILD’S TEAM PLEASE SHOW UP SAT. AUG. 29 AT RIVERLAKES FIELD AT 8:30 AM OR CALL US AT 378-2749 AND LEAVE A MESSAGE.  THIS WILL WORK IF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. GOD BLESS AND STAY SAFE. 





As you know COVID-19 is changes our lives so much so we too must also change to keep our kids, staff and parent safe.


We are looking to have a Fall season with many changes that we feel must be taken for the safety of all. Our Parent meeting we would like only one parent attend and no children.  Also we ask all children to have there own soccer ball, bat and glove please put their names on them. We will also take temp. of the coach and player before they take the field at practice and games if the coach or players have a high temp. they will be ask to leave so that other can me safe.  Parent will be asked to sit by family with distant away for each other. If you know you or your child are not feeling well please stay home.   We are still waiting for guild lines for Youth sports to come out and we will obey what they ask us to do. But for now we want to be up front regarding the next season so we all can be ready to have our children play sports in a safe manor.  We are asking for donations of  large amounts of Hand Sanitizer so that we can have them stations around the field and we are asking for  sanitizer wipes, and non touch Thermometer so that we can be ready this fall to have sports in a safe mannor.  Safety is what we are more concern at this time and we want your kids to have play sports and have lots of fun. As soon as we know more regarding this Fall Season we will post it here for you all. Thank you for your prays and understanding regarding this unforeseen situation that is effected us all.  Our God is so good and we will see HIS glory in this all. God Bless you all and please keep us in your prayers. 




Fall  SPORTS Parent meeting


Sept. 12 at RiverLakes Church


 9am 4&5 yrs old




10 am  6,7, yrs old 




11 am 8,9,10,11 yrs old 




Please have one parent attend and leave children home much new information regarding season will be given.


 All teams need to have a coach before they can start practice. We still need coaches call if you would like to coach.


No refunds










to all coaches if you have any problem with the photo contact the E & E also parent that do not pick up photo packets by the end of the season the packet will be destroyed and no refund.










FUN Sports parent meeting which we have the Saturday before the each season is a very important meeting for you to attend. At that time any correction are made to roster and information like practice time, game days and what team you are on and met the coach. Many parent did not attend and we find that those parent are lost regarding times of practice team number and any correction we need to make is late. We believe this meeting in our way to get important information to you so that your season will run smoothly. We post parent meeting day and times months before the season so that parent can make arrangement to have one of them there. So please be understanding when you are asking for information regarding your players team and practice time because you were not a the parent meeting we are doing our best to get the information to alot of you all in such a short time. The coaches are not responsible to contact you all regard times and day they are only there to coach your child team.  So please attend this important informational meeting so you may have a great season with us at FUN Sports.  Thank you so much and God Bless. 
































































John Bagala 
































































Founder of Fun Sports 
































































Parents needed to be a Coach! 
































































At the parent meeting parents have the chance to be a coach  to teams we have made without a coach. We would like to have 8 kids on each team with a coach but if we do not have enough parent stepping up to coach we will have bigger teams that means less playing time for the kids. So please step up and coach we make it easy and only ask for one hour for practices and one hour for the games. We have all equipment and we set up your field! You only need to be there for children and show them the basic skills of the sports.  As for the parent who want to complain about the coaches teaching style remember you all have the chance to coach and teach the basic skill the way you like to.  So unless you are going to step up and be a FUN Sports coach please support these Men and Women!  Your coach they love sport, they love to help and they love kids.  So support them. We can not run this program without Voluntary Coaches.  So Next time we ask for Coaches for our Team would you please step up and we are sure it will be FUN for you too.
































































Faith Unity Nurture Sports

Romans 10:17

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Faith Unity Nurture Sports

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