Our Needs

Will you help Bless us to keep this ministry going?
You CAN by simply donating one or more things below to help meet our needs.
We need your help to continue to do the work of the Lord!

As a 501(c)3 organization, donations to FUN Sports are tax deductible! Please give us a call at 661-378-2749 if you are able to help with any type of donation!

The following list below are things we can use to help keep this ministry going. If you are able to help our program, here are some ways you can make a difference. God Bless.

WE need Volunteer Coaching, and Refs we will train ages 16 yrs and up.

An RV or trailer to use as a mobile office for FUN SPORTS so we can reach more kids and families.

Basketballs – We need up to 3 dozen each winter. 

NEED Battery for Our golf cart there are 6 of them for $100 each We need them for spring and Fall.

Donation of land for us to use for soccer (any size as we will make it work).Thank you RiverLakes Church 

We need a home so that we can do more sports and camps.Thank you Riverlakes Church

Office supplies, paper, pens, paper clips, folders, etc.

An empty warehouse to use for indoor basketball during the winter season for 6 weeks in NW

Church gyms, fields and rooms for camp and sports.

Volunteers to help set up equipment each night at sites (Tue. or Thur.). High school students are okay. 

Volunteer Moms or Dads to help with Itty Bitty classes (Tue. or Thur.) for 1 hour. Fall and Spring 

Volunteer Moms to help with Cheerleaders classes(Tue or Thurs) for 1 hour. Fall Spring  

Donation of cash is always needed for scholarships and for purchasing non-donated items. 

Churches placing us on their Mission List and giving only $300 a month ( we really could use this support to help us with our bills to keep this ministry going). Mission starts at home and we need help to reach kids in our community. Ask you pastor what you need to do to put us on a list. It is getting harder to keep up this ministry so we do need help.
Thank you RiverLakes Community Church for putting us on your Mission list.
And lots of prayer for our volunteers, our parents, and my family and me.

If you would like to bless us with any of these please contact John at 378-2749 or
email him at funsportsjohn@gmail.com.

Thank you for your Blessing ( donations)


Riverlakes Community Church Field , Office Space & Monthly support

Norris Elem. Field


Bakersfield Christian High School. Gym

James Caras Family Donation

KAXL Radio 88.3 Fm Announcement

Stone Creek Middle School Field

Tony Fox Family Volunteer everywhere

Rebecca Bagala Family (my wife and kids, I love you guys) 

Thank you to all these people that believe in what FUN SPORTS is trying to do in the name of Jesus.

Faith Unity Nurture Sports

Romans 10:17

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Faith Unity Nurture Sports

Romans 10:17

© 2018-2019 Fun Sports All Rights Reserved

Powered & Designed by Citryn, LLC