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Thanks To Jeff at J&M Ag!

Thank you, Jeff, for leveling our field and getting us to Phase 2! Jeff did an amazing job on our field leveling the landscape and did a fantastic job with his field work. My Fun Sports wants to greatly recognize and appreciate Jeff for his time, efforts, and donation to help My Fun Sports future Fields of Faith! May God bless you and your family and business! If anyone is looking for GPS Land Leveling, Field Work or Farming Ag help, then J&M Ag is our recommendation! 


Fields of FAITH – Now on PHASE 2!

We have been blessed with the opportunity to create home fields for FUN SPORTS.

We are looking to create 10 soccer fields and 4 baseball fields with your help. These will be called the Fields of Faith, because of our faith in Jesus Christ that all of this dirt will soon become green grass with your help. We do not the have funding to develop this land, so we are praying for families, individuals, and businesses to help either by donation of goods or services or gifting of money for us to complete these Fields of Faith that will serve over 1000 kids with soccer, flag football, and baseball.

FUN Sports does not plan to raise our fees to pay for these fields, but we plan to offer more sports, more times of the year, and keep our youth busy with sports and hearing about the love of Jesus.

Services needed to create the fields include:

  1. Putting in pipes for sprinklers and putting in Sprinklers
  2. Fencing all around the field
  3. Grass for the whole field
  4. Someone to cut the grass and maintain it
  5. Building goals for all the fields
  6. Backstops for 4 of them

Let us know if you want to be a part of developing these Fields of Faith and if you’re able to donate one or any of these services. Your name will go on our Wall of Angels with your name, business, and phone number for as long as we are there.  Also, donations of over $2,000 your name will be on our wall of People that Answer our prays.

Cash donation in any amount will be also greatly appreciated and your name will go on our Wall of Supporters.

So will you help us here at FUN Sports build home fields to carry on this great sports program with a true Christian based emphasis? These fields will only become real with your prayers, help, and donations.

We would like to open these fields in the spring of 2020. Thank you and God Bless you all for your support.  Call us at 661-378-2749 ask for JOHN,

Founder of FUN Sports

John Bagala

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Faith Unity Nurture Sports

Romans 10:17

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Faith Unity Nurture Sports

Romans 10:17

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